all hand drawn.
all terrible.
coming to a con near you.

Shitty STicker Commission

We r oPen 5 buisnass__#shittystickers #atlantacomiccon.jpg

Sh*ttySticker began as a way to cheer myself up after a bad night. Demand was so high, I no longer sell them for $2! I use (and am not limited to) ink pens, brush pens, alcohol markers, glitter gel pens, paint, sharpies, and my whole imagination. 


Each one is born in the moment;

no two will ever be the same.

I draw whatever makes me laugh, and my sense of humor is pretty goofy. Even the ones I think may not make sense to anyone else find homes, and I'm glad for that.  

Common commission requests are memes, characters, celebrities, or influencers that aren't typically featured in art, pets, and incredibly specific jokes. (Those are my favorite.) 

Art is a great therapeutic tool everyone can try. It doesn't always have to be serious, and the success of Sh*ttySticker proves that art has meaning no matter the skill level.